Rotary Brush Cutter for Tractor

López Garrido brushcutters for tractors are manufactured in Swedish steel, which reduces the weight of the machine, allowing the tractor to work with less power and achieve greater savings in fuel consumption. In addition, it offers greater durability in the useful life of both the product and the tractor.

At López Garrido we manufacture chain brushcutters that are ideal for cleaning and maintaining the soil of plantations such as olive groves, almond trees or vineyards, among others, and crops.

We have designed brushcutter models for small tractors, from 25 hp to tractors with more power close to 250 hp. The size of the machine has also been taken into account, with working measurements ranging from 1 m. to 4.5 m., allowing work to be carried out both in plantations with a small area between plants, and in others with a greater radius of action, reducing the number of passes.

Material for tractor brush cutters

Frames made of Swedish steel.

Brushcutter regulations

Manufactured in accordance with EC Rules.

Tractor brushcutter models

We have specific models for all needs.

Lopez Garrido since 1930 - Tractor Brushcutters

Tractor brushcutter models

Tractor brushcutter models vary significantly in size and capacity to suit a variety of farming needs. From compact options for small plots to more robust models for large areas, these tools are essential for efficient land management.

When choosing a tractor brushcutter, it is crucial to consider the type of vegetation and the size of the area to be covered. Models with different widths and blade types offer versatility for diverse environments, from soft grassland to dense undergrowth and shrubs.

The best brushcutters for tractor – LOPEZ GARRIDO

Are you looking for quality and efficiency in clearing your fields? Discover the best brushcutters for tractors on the market: LOPEZ GARRIDO brushcutters. Designed to deliver superior performance, these machines will not only transform your farm work, but ensure that your investment is worth every penny.

Not all brushcutters are created equal, and LOPEZ GARRIDO proves it with its high-end product line. If you are a professional farmer looking for tools that combine robustness with precision, LOPEZ GARRIDO’s tractor brushcutters are your best choice. Dare to experience the difference!

Why are our brushcutters for tractors synonymous with quality and efficiency?

Have you ever wondered why our brushcutters for tractors are synonymous with quality and efficiency? Every detail is carefully thought out to give you an exceptional tool. From premium materials to precision engineering, we make sure that each unit exceeds your expectations and transforms your farming into a simple and productive task.

Quality and efficiency are not just words to us; they are the cornerstones of our tractor brushcutters. Year after year, farmers everywhere rely on our machines because they know that by choosing us, they are choosing excellence. With unrivalled strength and superior performance, it’s clear to see why we’re the preferred choice of farm professionals – discover the difference for yourself!

All about Tractor Brushcutters

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tractor Brushcutters and make informed decisions for your agricultural work.

What are the benefits of Tractor Brushcutters compared to other types?

Tractor brushcutters provide greater power and efficiency, allowing you to handle larger areas of land in less time and with more precise cuts.

Do Tractor Brushcutters require any special maintenance?

Yes, like all agricultural machinery, Tractor Brushcutters require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and prolong their service life. This includes cleaning, lubrication and servicing of key parts.

Are all brushcutters compatible with any type of tractor?

Not necessarily. It is vital to check the specifications of the tractor and Brushcutter to ensure that they are compatible in terms of power and hitch.