At the heart of agricultural modernisation is the Tractor Agricultural Boom, an indispensable tool for increasing productivity and efficiency in the field. Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of the olive sector, agricultural machinery manufacturer López Garrido leads the market with its innovative Olive Tree Boom. This equipment, characterised by its robustness, versatility and precision, has become an essential ally for farmers seeking to optimise their operations and guarantee safe handling of the harvest. Find out more at López Garrido, where quality and innovation go hand in hand.

Agricultural booms for olive harvesting

In the demanding world of modern agriculture, agricultural booms have become indispensable tools, especially in olive harvesting. These devices, designed to be attached to tractors, allow efficient and safe harvesting of the fruit, minimising physical effort and maximising productivity. The López Garrido brand leads this segment with its innovative olive tree boom, a robust solution that promises to transform the harvesting process by making it more agile and less labour-intensive.

The López Garrido agricultural boom is specially designed to meet the unique challenges of olive harvesting. Its high-quality construction and ergonomic design ensure intuitive and efficient operation, ideal for adapting to varying ground conditions. In addition, this tool not only improves efficiency in olive harvesting, but also contributes to waste reduction, ensuring that every olive harvested is kept in optimal condition for further processing.



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Agricultural Boom for POH Tractor

Machine designed to collect olives from the ground and unload them into trailers, trucks, etc. in sheets or sacks. Made from high-performance Swedish sheet metal of the highest quality. Its compact design makes it easy to use and safe. This jib crane model is fully hydraulic. It can be inserted between the tractor and trailer • Top link hitching to any type of tractor • Electric joystick as standard • Built-in foldaway wheels • Double-acting cylinders • Safety and warning stickers • User manual • CE marking • Optional features: Remote control, 2-ton hook and sheets for collection.

Technical characteristics Agricultural Boom POH

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POH remote control system

Frequently Asked Questions about López Garrido’s Tractor Agricultural Booms

Tackling the task of olive harvesting can be a challenge without the right equipment. That’s why the López Garrido Tractor Agricultural Boom is an efficient and robust solution designed to optimise and simplify the harvesting process. Below, you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that will help you better understand how our agricultural boom can make your work in the olive grove easier.

How does the López Garrido Tractor Agricultural Boom improve the olive harvesting process?

The López Garrido Tractor Agricultural Boom is designed specifically for olive harvesting, offering an efficient solution that increases productivity. Its robust design and its capacity to handle different types of load make the harvesting process faster and less laborious, allowing precise and safe handling of the harvested olives.

Is the Agricultural Boom easy to install and use on my tractor?

Yes, the López Garrido Agricultural Boom is designed for easy installation and intuitive operation. Compatible with most tractors, its hitching system makes it easy to install, allowing you to start working efficiently in no time. In addition, its intuitive use makes it accessible even to operators with limited experience in agricultural machinery.

What support and warranty does López Garrido offer for its Agricultural Boom?

López Garrido is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, offering a solid warranty for your Tractor Agricultural Boom. In addition, our technical support team is always available to help you with any questions or problems you may have, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.