Machine designed for medium-power and medium-sized tractors, up to approximately 180 HP. Made from Swedish sheet metal of the highest quality. Its compact design makes it easy to use and safe. Anchorage points to the rear of the tractor. Quick coupling of the bucket and accessories. Joystick, with two-lever spool valve, electric control or the tractor’s own controls. Built-in foldaway wheels. Double-acting lift and tilt cylinders. Safety and warning stickers. User manual. CE marking.


The main components of the bucket loader are made from high elastic limit Swedish steel, making the machines robust and durable and with very low net weights.


Self-lubricating bushings and treated linkage pins. Bushings and linkage pins can become worn with use, so they are fully replaceable.

Quick coupling hydraulic circuit

Allows you to connect and disconnect the hydraulic connections by simply pulling the lever up or down.

Hydraulic circuit

As standard:electric control through solenoid valve, tractor controls, optional hydraulic control: 4-function cable joystick, 8-function cable joystick.

Hydraulic accumulator (optional)

Good comfort is achieved for the user and it ensures that all components are protected during displacement.

Third function (optional)

It is necessary to install a third function to use hydraulically-driven accessories.

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Front loaders LG

Experience unmatched strength and efficiency with our Front Loaders LG. Designed for heavy-duty performance, these loaders are the epitome of engineering excellence. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, they offer unparalleled precision and power. Whether it’s for construction, landscaping, or farming, LG Front Loaders provide a robust solution, ensuring your tasks are completed swiftly and effectively. Their advanced hydraulic systems guarantee smooth operation, making them a must-have for any demanding environment.

Upgrade your productivity with LG’s Front Loaders. These machines are not just tools, they’re investments in speed, reliability, and efficiency. With cutting-edge technology, they deliver superior load handling and mobility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort, reducing fatigue during long hours of work. Trust LG Front Loaders to elevate your operational capabilities, turning every challenge into an opportunity for success.

Front loaders BS-M

Discover unparalleled efficiency with the BS-M Front Loaders, your ultimate solution for heavy lifting and material handling. Each loader is engineered for strength and durability, ensuring that even the most challenging tasks are completed with ease. The BS-M range is designed to enhance productivity, featuring advanced hydraulic systems for smooth and precise operation. Ideal for construction, agriculture, or industrial applications, these loaders are a testament to superior design and functionality, making them an essential asset for any project.

Elevate your work capabilities with the cutting-edge BS-M Front Loaders. Renowned for their reliability and power, these loaders are tailored to meet the demands of any job site. The ergonomic design ensures operator comfort and safety, while the high-capacity buckets maximize efficiency in material handling. With BS-M Front Loaders, you get more than just performance; you get a partner in progress. Transform your operations and achieve new heights of productivity with these top-tier machines.

Accesories front loaders BS-M

Why choose Lopez Garrido tractor loaders?

Choosing Lopez Garrido tractor loaders means selecting unparalleled quality and efficiency for your agricultural and construction needs. These loaders are crafted with precision, offering robust performance and unmatched durability. Lopez Garrido understands the demands of heavy-duty work, which is why each loader is designed to enhance productivity and reduce downtime. With advanced hydraulic systems and user-friendly controls, these tractor loaders are not just equipment; they’re a dependable partner in every task, ensuring success in every endeavor.

Why choose Lopez Garrido tractor loaders? Because they represent a perfect blend of innovation and reliability. Each model is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that you’re always ahead of the curve in operational efficiency. The ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort, making long hours of work more manageable. When you invest in a Lopez Garrido loader, you’re investing in a legacy of excellence, with a commitment to providing solutions that are both powerful and sustainable.

Benefits of Lopez Garrido Tractor Loaders

Experience the Benefits of Lopez Garrido Tractor Loaders, where exceptional performance meets reliability. These loaders are designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease, enhancing your productivity across various applications. The superior build quality ensures long-lasting durability, while the advanced hydraulic systems provide unmatched precision and power. Whether it’s for farming, construction, or landscaping, Lopez Garrido Tractor Loaders offer the versatility and strength you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Choosing Lopez Garrido Tractor Loaders means enjoying benefits that go beyond just performance. Each loader is engineered with the user in mind, featuring ergonomic controls and a comfortable cabin, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The efficient fuel consumption and reduced maintenance requirements make these loaders a cost-effective choice. Trust in the reliability and innovative design of Lopez Garrido Tractor Loaders to elevate your operations and achieve new levels of success.

What our tractor loaders offer you

Discover what our tractor loaders offer you: unparalleled versatility and power in one machine. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of both farming and construction, our loaders are equipped with advanced features that ensure precision and efficiency. High-capacity buckets, robust hydraulic systems, and powerful engines combine to offer unmatched performance. Whether you’re lifting, digging, or hauling, our tractor loaders are the reliable workhorses that will keep your operations running smoothly and effectively.

Our tractor loaders aren’t just machines; they’re partners in your success. They offer you the ease of operation with user-friendly controls and a comfortable operator environment, reducing fatigue during long working hours. With exceptional durability and reduced maintenance needs, our loaders are a smart investment for any business. Experience the productivity boost that our tractor loaders provide, and see how they can transform the way you work, bringing efficiency and excellence to every task.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tractor Loaders

In the world of heavy machinery, tractor loaders stand out as versatile and essential tools for a wide range of applications. From farming to construction, these powerful machines offer efficiency and reliability. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about tractor loaders, providing insights into their capabilities, maintenance, and more.

What are the key features of a tractor loader?

Tractor loaders are known for their versatility and strength. Key features include a powerful hydraulic lifting system, a durable build suitable for various terrains, and attachments like buckets, forks, and blades. These features make them ideal for tasks like material handling, digging, and earthmoving.

How do I maintain my tractor loader for optimal performance?

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your tractor loader in top condition. This includes regular oil changes, checking hydraulic systems, and inspecting attachments for wear and tear. It’s also important to keep the loader clean from debris and ensure all connections are tight.

Can tractor loaders be customized for specific tasks?

Absolutely! Tractor loaders can be customized with various attachments like pallet forks, bale spears, and snow blades, making them suitable for a range of tasks. This adaptability allows users to tailor the machine to specific needs, enhancing its utility in different environments.